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IO Pod

IO Pod is an all in one space for children to sleep store and study. Featuring simple and uncluttered lines it combines playful aesthetic with complete functionality. The pod is multi functional and can be configured into a bunk bed, two separate beds, a top bed and desk area beneath as well as a bed and desk separately in order to suit a family’s evolving needs. IO Pod was conceived with sustainable thinking applied to its design. Children can use it from an early toddler age through to their teen years and beyond giving the pod the ability to grow with the child.

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C 39

C 39 is the transformative state of a pill that implies a seating form. As the exterior body is partially cut, the interior particles are exposed - these particles are made of post-consumer recycled fibre and soft enough to function as cushions. As a person sits or lies down inside C 39, one can experience partial encapsulation of the body, and physically interact with the interior particles.

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The base of the NEMO may be plain, but it is not lacking in design as its main feature lies in the purity of its shape. The surface is totally smooth with no sharp edges. NEMO has such a sleek outline that it seems to be floating in the air. It is practical and lightweight, yet brings a touch of sophisticated functionality to any interior. Ideal for contracts for internal and external areas. It makes a bold statement with its minimalistic elegance without sacrficing any of its exceptional functionality.

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Mobius Sofa is a 2 centimetres thick fiber-reinforced bands of Perlato di Sicilia, a marble from Sicily. The project rappresents the state-of-the-art of research into natural stone design for both crafting and digital manufacturing techniques. Mobius Sofa is a surprising object, mainly because the stone is very thin but also resistant. It is a Sofa designed for luxury ambients but due its aesthetics quality and unique properties is also suitable for exhibitions.

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Gravity (designed by Technical Emotions) is a swing-sofa for outdoor furnishing, garden and patio. Gravity is a scenographic furniture made in stainless steel champagne colour. This round sofa has lots of colourful pillows, which textures play graphically with harmonic nuance. It is a place where being swing hanging from its supporting structure, or hanging on a sturdy beam, or in support of earth, as cozy sofa, where you can relax, read a book or chat with friends. It is a complement of relaxation that at first sight raises the desire to enjoy the calm and pleasure it offers.

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Embrace Your Heart

With Embrace Your Heart, the chair, that people can sit and drink tea at the same time. The fragrance of the tea and wood would lead people to Zen. People would feel ease, leisure and relaxed. It is in traditional Chinese style and could be well explained in Buddhism cultural aspect. The chair itself is focusing on the spirits that could keep people's hearts calm. Sitting on the chair could drive people away from noise, hustle and bustle.The peace in your mind would let you embrace you heart and people's imagination would reach the great far beyond.

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