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Design inspiration is from the significant philosophy of East Asian culture which is called Zen. Zen has a saying that empty is there, not empty is not there. the concept was melted into this series of design, the overall shape of the idea of round, simple, smooth, empty, using ofrosted plexiglass to create a fine water feel, increasing the appreciation and safety of furniture. This furniture suits for a variety of using environments.

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"Memoria" is a furniture project created by Sergio Sesmero for his Final Project of the Official University Degree in Product Design of ESNE. A proposal based on sustainability, functionality and the creation of new sensorial experiences, by the usage of concrete fabric as the main material, which is generally used in civil constructions that is characterized by its high durability, resistance and sustainability. The project arises from a deep study of the changes that are taking place in society, and how these are are affecting the forms of consumption.

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Inspired by the shape of Chinese grille, The shape and compound mode provides a free appearance. This is a bookcase design composed of several modules. The bookcase can hold 4 cases in each row and 6 in each column. At the same time, each small module has four directions to form. This variable combination can form a wide variety of patterns. Users can design patterns according to their own preferences.

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Designer Marco Gallegos has completely rethought the pedestal fan and created a long-lasting piece of furniture that is guaranteed to become a statement in any room. Aura's timeless design combines functionality and sustainability which makes it an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning units. A new product typology with a height of 2.4 meters also provides a unique new user experience. Aura's novel propeller geometry, can move a large volumes of air at low speeds, quietly filling the space with a gentle breeze that feels natural.

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Two poufs of the same size which can be transformed into a portable mattress, a stool or a couch. Tango takes two to tango so it needs two of the same elements which can be transformed into a functional portable and playful furniture. Multifunctional poufs are made of soft recycled foam or seagrass covered with coconut layer, decorated with natural wool fabric in several colors with the possibility of sitting, lying down and sleeping. Available in two options: indoors and outdoors.

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TPH Cypress

The TPH Cypress has a simple and minimal shape in which paper is sandwiched between two inverted V-shaped trays and taken out from above. A beautiful paper holder made using the traditional technique Japanese call Hikimage with Kiso cypress. Kiso is famous for producing cypress. A metal fitting is attached to the back side of the upper tray. As a result, the weight is increased and friction is reduced, enabling smooth removal. Kiso cypress is highly antibacterial, has a very beautiful grain, and has a refreshing scent.

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