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The purpose of this design is to use one chair to meet people's needs at different stages. With the advantage of being detachable, children can use chairs with lowered legs. When they grow up or their parents, use the chair after raising the chair legs, in order to reduce the loss of wood. And when parents and children disassemble the chair. Not only can increase parent-child interaction, but also to develop children's intelligence and cultivate their awareness of protecting the environment.

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The marble tops of exotic origins make the most of the stones used in architectural projects and applied in this collection for maximum usage and less waste. The base in both versions gives a futuristic sensation of lightness in accordance with the brand's DNA. That combined with simple geometric shapes bring to life a product that is defined with a eco friendly point of view without neglecting the looks of the final product.

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Simple and elegant way of storing vinyl records, after many sketches and prototypes current design was put to production . This Vinyl Record Storage/LP Holder has Raw/Minimalist/Industrial design concept and strip down functionality. Fine crafted edging details and colour variation. Simple and efficient vinyl record storage/display piece for your vinyl records and interior.

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Canela for Two

Canela for Two was designed to be a visually striking lover's bench. It has a low backrest which offers good support while also maintaining a subtle design. Inspiration was taken from a traditional Windsor chair albeit with a modern twist with the copper rod backrest. The wood used was reclaimed Canela Preta from a 200 year old colonial house in Paraty Brazil. In keeping with that history, copper rings with wooden centres were used not to hide the holes left from removing the old nails, but to mark the position that they previously occupied.

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Sideboard Silenus. Made from black stained oak veneer combining it with different metals - copper and brass, Silenus sideboard lends a touch of modern appeal to any aesthetic. Directly inspired by natural beauty of Iceland: land of fire and ice, our newest design of Sideboard Silenus reflects that magnificent combination.

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Goby by Tonik, Designed by Karim Rashid

Tonik is a hospitality furniture brand wrapped around a full blown design statement that pushes beyond boundaries and transforms everyday spaces into funky slices of paradise that connect people. Tonik is also a designer collective and works with the best and brightest minds, including the uber-cool, industrial design-guru (drumroll sold separately) Karim Rashid. Tonik embodies the American spirit: different people from different backgrounds that relish deep discussions of differing opinions, bringing the world closer together.

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