Further Fees and Hidden Costs At Design Competitions

All Design Awards, Competitions, and Contests, Whether Free to Join or Not, Imposes Costs On The Participants. Learn These Costs and How to Avoid Them

It must be noted that most of the free to join design contests indeed are the most costly ones. Free design contests are the most expensive because in most cases the designer is required to transfer the rights regarding to their designs to the contes <Cropped>

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Design Competition Survey For Award Winners

This Is a Survey Filled by a' Design Award Winners, Participant Designers Were Asked to Provide Answers to 20 Questions Regarding Design Competitions

Here are the 2012 Results from the A' Design Award & Competitions' Survey on Design Awards and Competitions. For each question, I have provided also my professional insights in order to see what the results mean for the international de <Cropped>

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Call For Artists: Hybrid Identities | Uk/Cuba 2013

Executive Summary: Nternational Artexpo Is Selecting All Interesting Photo Works, Video/Short Films, Computer Graphics Works, Architecture Projects and Performances to Include in The Next 2013 Exhibition: Hybrid Identities – International Art Festiva

Executive Summary: Nternational artexpo is selecting all interesting photo works, video/short films, computer graphics works, architecture projects and performances to include in the next 2013 exhibition: hybrid identities – international art fe <Cropped>

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Bad Design Awards

Bad Design Awards Platform Has Especially Been Founded to Collect Observations, Insights and Ideas From Participants Who Had Sour Experiences With Various Design Awards, Idea Competitions and Innovation Contests

Utilizing the Bad Design Awards platform, participants are able report immoral competitions, misconducts in contests, issues in awards, cheating participants, competition organizers and sponsors. Participants and organizers are also able to provide t <Cropped>

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Design Events Calendar

Design Events Calendar Is An Up to Date, Curated List of Annual Design Events; Competitions, Conferences, Workshops and Shows. Unlike Other Design Calendars, Dec Calendar Displays Only The Most Significant Annual International Design Events I.e. Non-repea

The calendar classifies design events under 12 categories: Category - 1 : Awards, Competitions, Contests, Category - 2 : Tenders, Auctions, Public Procurement Announcements, Category - 3 : Festivals, Design Weeks, Design Days, Category - 4 : Academi <Cropped>

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Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues in Design Competitions

Design Competitions, Contest and Awards Could Create Issues With Regards to Various Types of Intellectual Property Ranging From Copyrights, Industrial Design Rights, Model Releases and Trademarks. This Article Discusses Some of The Issues

First of all, there could be significant issues relating to industrial rights (i.e. rights that protects the visual design of objects without utilitarian requirements). Industrial right issues have two dimensions: First, there could be unintentional <Cropped>

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How to Write a Successful Competition Brief

The Brief of a Design Competition Is One of The Most Important and Relevant Part of Its Organization. This Article Discusses How to Write a Superior Brief For a Successful Competition Organization

Proto-Organization refers to the prior design of the organization itself: These are several steps that should be taken care of before a design brief could be prepared. The most important decisions to be taken before competition organization are 1. Go <Cropped>

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Bien's Award-Winning Ceramics Secure Second Spot in The World For Turkey

Thanks to Bien's Award-winning Products, Turkey Ranked Second in The World Top 100 Designer Countries List

The innovators of the Turkish ceramics industry, Bien, is on the rise in the design and ceramics markets in Turkey and 55 countries to which the company exports. Bien was one of the three design teams that helped Turkey rank second only behind USA in <Cropped>

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Videotect 3

Executive Summary: Architecture Minnesota Magazine's Videotect 3 Competition Is Seeking Original Digital Videos That Imagine The City of The Future. What Messages Does It Hold For Us Today?official Contest Rules Architecture Minnesota’s Videotec

Executive Summary: Architecture minnesota magazine's videotect 3 competition is seeking original digital videos that imagine the city of the future. what messages does it hold for us today?Official contest rules architecture minnesota’s vid <Cropped>

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A Prime Fashion Design Competition

A’ Design Award & Competition Announces Its Call For Submissions For The Fashion Design Category

The A' Fashion, Apparel & Garment Design Competition is a freestyle design competition open to both concept stage and realized works designed by professional and young fashion designers, tailors, stylists, fashion design companies and other <Cropped>

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